Yerevan Armenak Armenakyan 125, Armenia

Our Faculties

Medical faculty.

Includes three specialties: pharmacy, stomatology and general medicine. Last two specialties work together with high schools-partners. All graduates receive corresponding qualification, and can work or continue their study in any country.

Faculty of law.

Except general jurisprudence, profound studying of international law, right in international relations & bank right is carried out at the faculty. Graduates can work both in legal spheres, as well as in banks and international organizations.

Economic faculty.

The faculty trains applied economists teaching accounting, audit, management of enterprises. Besides, there is a wide spectrum of specializations: from building economy to medical and pharmaceutical management.

Faculty of foreign languages.

Education is carried out in two languages: English and German so that graduates could work at school as a teacher (get bachelor degree on pedagogics of English or German language) or a translator in other organization. Students with high marks can continue their education abroad.

Faculty of Journalism.

Preparation of modern journalists who can work both in the newspapers, and broadcasting companies, later can open their own channels. The interested students are taught film camera business, an art photo, photo - journalism. The university has its own magazine where both the students and the teachers can be printed.

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17 Aug

125 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia

10 May

125 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia

Time to play a football.

18 May

125 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia

Final stage of the Republican student’s

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