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About Us

Welcome to Anania Shirakatsi

Anania Shirakatsy” University of International Relations was founded in 1990 by Doctor of Philology, Professor V.V.Madoyan and a Candidate of Philology,­ senior lecturer R.V.Madoyan.

The University has been conceived as Arts college ( the humanities) intending to educate the growing up Post-Soviet generation. It was called Historical-philological University­. In two years, under the influence of successes, the University opened faculties of Law and Economics and the University received the name of International Relations after “Anania Shirakatsi” – an outstanding Armenian scientist and philosopher of the 7 th century. At present prof. V.V.Madoyan (Armenia) and prof.A.Z.Aptsiauri (Georgia) are the owners of the University. From the first days, the university has provided high quality of education. Well-known scientists, as J.M.Suvaryan, V.E.Khodzhabekyan, N.J. Thumasov (economy), V.V.Madoyan, R.S.Manucharyan (linguistics), G.B.Dzhaukyan, L.K.Ezekyan (Armenian language), E.M.Arzumanyan, N.M.Mikaelyan (­English language), M.N.Arutjunyan, K.A.Atoyan (German Language), etc. have taught at the University.In 2001-2002 the University according to law of the Republic of Armenia passed ­ accredit­ta­tion and acquired a right to award the graduates with diplomas of a state sample­. In the field of science and education the University is co-operating with Kiev Inter-Regional ­ Academy of Management of Personnel (IAPM, Ukraine), the Amman Educational Centre – branch of Saint-Clemens University (Jordan), Prague University of International ­Relations (Czech Republic), with a number of high schools of Russia and Armenia, is a member of the international university unions. The University has five specialties: jurisprudence (science of Law), Economy, ­ Foreign languages, Journalism, Pharmacy. In 2008 the University acquired a right to prepare masters. The University has a right to work on three specialties (Jurisprudence, Economy, Pharmacy) in English and Russian languages. Scientific and special councils are functioning at University and their decisions on awarding scientific degrees are admitted at some high schools of Iran, Georgia, etc. Student council, theatrical and tourist circles are existing at University. Foreign students are provided with a hostel. The graduates of high school have a right to work or continue study in any country that the Republic of Armenia has diplomatic relations with.

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Our Achievements

  • 1990-1994

    Thanksgiving Period

    For several years we have been teaching our students free of charge, for which we have been rewarded with letters of appreciation from the Regional Council


    RF diplomas

    For the Russian language teaching, development and literature, we have received the Russian diplomas

    2015 - 2018

    Contact with foreign universities

    We have many contracts with foreign universities, and at present there are more connections with universities in Thailand, Taiwan, Persia and other countries.

Our Team

Vagharshak Madoyan


Anna Mkhitaryan

Vice Chancellor of Finance

Liana Bangoyan

Head of human resources

Marine Qalantaryan

Chair of Chemistry

Arsen Aghabekyan

Professor of Microbiology and Epidemiology

Hayarpi Jabrushyan

Candidate of science.Professor of Biochemistry

Susanna Sahakyan

Docent.Professor of Anatomy and Physioology

Narine Zaqaryan

Candidate of Botany Science.Professor of Botany

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Our Events

3 Apr

125 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia

Session of an academic council of university.

10 May

125 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia

Time to play a football.

18 May

125 Armenak Armenakyan St, Yerevan 0047, Armenia

Final stage of the Republican student’s